“My Heart Is Still At Napoli’ Says Pepe Reina

Pepe Reina, the New AC Milan goalkeeper revealed recently that he has left a piece of his heart at Napoli, while playing for the team ahead of the Series A opener on Rossoneri opposite the partenopei.

He was interviewed recently and questioned about the upcoming clash that involves Napoli and Milan. In the reply to this question, the Spaniard said: “Immediately return to Naples? It was written, and it was supposed to go like this. I am very much happy that I am going back to my home after so long time. I love my team and the teammates. If you ask me about my experiences, then my experiences are wonderful   and I have only thanks words for Naples and I would    not mind to say that I have a little piece of my heart left in Napoli. I anticipate that by the season end, if Milan is not going to win, then they will do it “.

“I am very excited to play for the club and I have prepared myself to be the part of the team and doing everything for the same.”

When asked how his experience with the team is, he said, “It is absolutely great. I love my club and the players here. We have a good bonding within the team and all of us are supportive with each other.”

Everyone is not lucky to go to Naples and play the game. Usually, at the teams San Paolo suffers their game as they have players in ample number that have winning mentality. This is going to be a very difficult game because we cannot wait to begin.

The team is going to play some of the crucial matches in the coming time and excited about the performance of the team.

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