Pepe is a disgrace to football according to some pundits

Many footballers and fans have been shocked by Pepe’s actions in the Champions League final.

Indeed, the Real Madrid defender has on more than one occasion found guilty of trying to get the Atletico Madrid players sent off.

Pundit Gary Lineker has stated that Pepe is a disgrace to football and that he was disappointed with the way the Portuguese defender has performed during the whole match.

The first time he was already lying down on the pitch and Fillipe Luis came and patted him on the side in a friendly manner. Pepe instead acted in a way that he was punched heavily and gestured in agony just to attract the attention of the referee. Fortunately for Luis, the referee on that day Mark Clattenburg had followed the whole thing and quickly intervenes. He told Pepe to get up as there was no malicious action.

Pepe was it at it again later in the game when Yannick Carrasco brushed him slightly with the arm. In fairness, both players were already down on the ground, and Pepe rolled and gestured on the ground in order to attract the attention of the referee. Again the referee took the right decision and ordered Pepe to get backed up.

However, some pundits argued that Mark Clattenburg should have warned the player and even gave him a yellow card to prevent this unfair behavior from continuing. Some are even arguing that there need to be changes in the rule of the game to punish such conduct. Indeed, the fourth official can inform the referee about these unfair behaviors and suggest that actions be taken.

Having such a rule in place will act as a deterrent and prevent players such as Pepe from using such unfair tactics on the pitch.