Maurizio Sarri has Left over Board to Invest on New Players or not

Maurizio Sarri has left it up to the board to decide whether the money should be invested in the new signings or not.

Sarri is not opposing the signings. He said if new faces come in, he would welcome them and would happily work with them, but, he would be absolutely fine even if those extra resources are not provided to him. He would then keep developing the present lot and make it stronger than before.

Sarri stressed that he would convey his thoughts to the board regarding different things related to the squad, but, he would not push for any new recruitments at all.

The 57-year old Italy native had a dig at some of the coaches, who talk about the need of additions to the squad all the time.

As per Sarri, he doesn’t really appreciate that coming from the coaches as he believes it’s an easy thing to say and maybe use as an excuse.

Sarri’s first season at Napoli is about to conclude and it’s been as good as he would have thought.
In the 2014-15 Serie A, Napoli was 5th in the final standings and had had to be content with only a Europa League spot.

However, under Sarri who took charge last summer, it’s been better as not only are they close to ending second in the domestic top tier; they have ensured their participation in next season’s Champions League too.

Sarri though is still taking the one remaining league game in all seriousness. He doesn’t want the Naples to slip to the third position as in that case they will go to the playoffs and not to the Champions League main round.

For Napoli to remain at no. 2, one point, at least, is necessary in the last game.