Pepe Reina Is A Reliable Goal Keeper

If you are looking at the popular players emerging of Liverpool, one of the names would be of Reina.

It is often difficult to find a goalkeeper who is capable and talented and it seems that the club has been able to secure a talented player in this category in Pepe Reina. He has been obtained from Villarreal by Rafa Benitez.

The Spaniard had become part of the club when he was signed on when the requirement was felt after Liverpool won over AC Milan in the European Cup. Jerzy Dudek had been able to prove himself a hero and helped the Reds to claim the crown. Reina also proved to be a reliable player. When he arrived at the club he had been obtained for £6 million. The first season saw Reina being on the run from October till December and Premier League as well where he was able to block several goals. As a result, he won several golden glove awards.

The first season ended with him with a triumphant FA Cup. However, his first year was not without mistakes. Dean Ashton was able to score about two goals as well as Steven Gerrard, who put in a stunning goal. Reina however, did put in some astounding saves. He did prevent many shoot outs from materializing into wins. The season that followed was difficult for him as there were several mistakes made by him. However, when the club went on to the finals in the Champions League the team could depend on him to stop the shoot outs from being successful. He became known as a major obstacle from any shoot out to be successful. Even today he is considered a reliable goalkeeper and an asset for any team on whose side he is on.