Nobody loves an ugly child. Well, apart from the mom. Still, the most unforgiving example of such may very well be in the fact that Ivar the Boneless – a famous Viking – was almost killed by his father until his mother rescued and took care of him yet he killed his own son for being as deformed like him.

Since Pepe Reina left Liverpool, literally every goal keeper that has been brought to succeed him has failed but none failed quite as much as Loris Karius, the very same man who cost the Reds’ a Champions League trophy.

Most of the time, the equivalence of leaving a disfigured ugly child to die in an evil forest in football, is sending players who are more of a burden than an asset, on loan. It doesn’t even matter where they go as long as they stay far away from the club till their contract expires.

After the Champions League final loss to Real Madrid where Karius made two errors that led to two goals out of the three Los Blancos scored that night, a loan spell at Turkish side Besiktas was drawn up and thanks to Allison Becker’s form, no one really remembers the German.

However, it looks like Loris’s woes are far from over. Besiktas recently decided to cut short his two-year loan spell and send him back to Liverpool after it turned the German couldn’t turn his form around.

Perhaps the last straw in the Turkish side’s back was the German’s error during the Europa League making everyone remember why exactly Liverpool sent him away in the first place.

Once he returns to England, the most likely route for him to follow is perhaps run out his contract since he simply went to Turkey to remind every team – both big and small – why they shouldn’t entrust their goal to him.



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