Reina Is Doubtful

There is a high possibility of Pepe Reina returning to Liverpool during the next football season. However, the Spanish footballer is not really sure about what Liverpool has planned for his future with the club. At present, Reina is the goalkeeper for the Italian club- Napoli on the basis of a loan deal.

Reina was transferred to Napoli when Liverpool’s manager (Brandon Rodgers) had signed the Belgian footballer- Simon Mignolet during the last season. Simon Mignolet had started off impressively with Liverpool. However, Mignolet committed very serious mistakes in the matches against Chelsea and Manchester City while the festive phase was being held.

The Spaniard- Reina is absolutely happy with his association with Napoli, though many times he made it clear that he did not want to depart from Liverpool.

Pepe Reina is going to decide his future endeavors after the current season comes to an end. He is highly unsure of his future, next season. But he has planned that he will perform well and he will enjoy this season to the fullest.

Liverpool intentions are not known to Reina at the moment. He is unaware of the potential offers that he will be getting for the next season because his agent is the one who has to handle this job for him.

There have been rumors that Atletico Madrid and Barcelona are interested in the services of Pepe Reina. However, Reina is dismissing such speculations.

Brandon Rodgers (manager of Liverpool) might give Pepe Reina another chance during the next football season because he is perhaps one of the best players Liverpool has ever been associated with and he has made around 394 appearences between the years 2005 and 2013 for the club.
According to Reina, his future is in Italy and he is not that worried about what unfolds in June this year.