It has been several years since Liverpool were playing in the Champions League – the premier European competition. This in turn has had a negative effect on the club in general because of the lack of finances from this competition, which is a major hole in the pockets of big clubs.

In the efforts to get back into the Champions league, Liverpool have already changed three managers. The club are currently under the management of the former Swansea man Brendan Rodgers, but the goalkeeper Pepe Reina reckons that the club needs investment in the form of high profile players in order to get back into the Champions league.

Liverpool have not been one of the big spenders in the Premier league since the days of Rafa Benitez. The arrival of clubs like Manchester City and Tottenham on the big stage has in turn pushed the five-time European champions into the Europa league. Aside from bringing in several players like Suarez, Reina has also said that the club should do everything they can in order to keep the 25-year-old former Ajax striker. Suarez is currently the top scorer in the Premier league right now with 21 goals. Yet, Liverpool are a distant sixth position in the table with almost no chance of finishing in the top four.

“This year has been important for us in terms of getting to know what the manager wants and develop the ideas. Then we have to be ready for the very first game of next season to challenge. Obviously we will need some help from the board but I think the basis is well settled. We know the ideas and philosophies of the manager. It is getting better and better so hopefully we will be ready to compete. Liverpool is very lucky to have Luis,” said Reina.