The Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has said that he is closely getting back to his best after making a new start to his Liverpool career.

The Spanish goalkeeper has been regarded as one of the best in the Premier league over the last couple of seasons, but under the recent managerial changes, the performances have dipped alarmingly bad. Reina has even been linked with several clubs in the last few months. The player was also forced to miss the last seven matches due to an injury problem, which has been his first real break since arriving at Liverpool almost 6 years ago.

Since his return from the injury table, Reina has become extremely good. He has said that it feels as if he is making a new start to his Liverpool career. Reina has said that he has been working extremely hard in order to get himself fit, which have resulted in him losing almost half a stone. Reina has said that the popular belief is that goalkeepers are at their best when they reach 30 years of age. Now after having reached 30 years of age, Reina believes that he still has a lot to give to Liverpool. Reina has also said that he convinced the club to offer a two year contract for the backup Brad Jones.

“I’m on the way to my best. I was a little bit upset with myself (earlier in the season) and it was a time to show a bit of commitment and get a fresh start from zero, and that’s what I’ve tried to do. I feel fresher, I feel lighter and I am ready for more. People say goalkeepers reach their best in their 30s, and I am 30 right now, so hopefully my golden days are still waiting for me,” said Reina.