Napoli first-choice goalkeeper Pepe Reina has asked that fans of the club not jeer at them despite mistakes they make.

He pleaded with the fans to express their dissatisfaction in other ways but no further sink their poor self-belief. He accepted the blame for the second goal Napoli conceded when they played Besiktas. The Turkish side thrashed them 3-2 at home, attracting jeer from the fans who were disappointed with the result.

Napoli won initial Champions League group games but made errors that Besiktas capitalized on to defeat them at home.

“The fans are the most important thing and we must always respect them, but what we need most now is self-confidence,” said Reina.

“I would prefer for the crowd not to jeer, but they can express themselves any way they want. So many errors could well be down to our lack of self-belief right now. At times these moments happen in a season and you have to accept criticism, because it motivates you to get better.

The shot-stopper then confessed that the team made errors in the game that led to the loss. He admitted to being at fault in Besiktas’ second goal.

“I saw a very different performance compared to the losses with Atalanta and Roma. The team took control of the match, but certain errors should not be allowed. On the second goal I was at fault, because I should’ve waited and not tried to read the play early. A goalkeeper must learn to expect anything. I thought he was going to shoot in the other direction and threw myself there.

“Napoli is a special place. We want to stay calm and confident, but when we lose, we really feel the pressure rising. If the team enjoys its football, then it tends to win,” the former Liverpool player added.