Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina, who is on loan at Napoli, says that his former club have shown with the win over Manchester United at Old Trafford that they are to be taken as contenders for the title. Liverpool managed a 3-0 win over United at Old Trafford.

Despite the ongoing troubles faced by Manchester United under David Moyes, this is seen as a big result for Liverpool nonetheless. They have managed to steamroll most of the opposition this season. As a result, they are close to the top of the table with April set to approach in the next few weeks.

Reina was part of the Liverpool team that challenged for the title along with United for one season before withering away. It was during the regime of Rafa Benitez. During his time at Liverpool, Reina managed only a few trophies. However, he thinks that his parent club will be able to win the league title this season. Reina is almost certain to leave the club at the end of the season. Napoli could be his next destination on a permanent basis after Barcelona decided to look elsewhere. There were rumours a few weeks ago that Reina would become the next Barcelona goalkeeper.

The Spaniard has been slowly looking like his former self under the guidance of Benitez.
“Absolutely, the demonstration of football the other day it was the best signal they can win the league. The fixtures are a little bit easier for them than the other teams and the way they played at Old Trafford, although Man United are struggling, to go there and perform like they did and to win 3-0, it could have been more, it’s never easy. The pace of them on one versus one and their instincts and mentality of their attacking skills is unbelievable,” said Reina.