Mignolets ability in question

The Belgian goal-keeper Simon Mignolet is the current first choice shot-stopper for Brendan Rodgers for Liverpool but after conceding 9 goals in 6 Premier League matches, the defence of Liverpool is being a target of criticism and Mignolet is being put into question as if he’s good enough to be the undisputed option for a club that is struggling to pick up consistent victories.
Pepe Reina is the former irrefutable goal-keeper of Liverpool but his relationship with Brendan Rodgers is believed to have started to fall apart ever since Reina was being linked with a move to Barcelona as the Spanish player wanted to join Barcelona but a deal could never be completed and he instead joined Napoli.
A few months after joining Napoli, Pepe Reina revealed to the public that his career with Liverpool was over as they had signed Simon Mignolet and the Belgian player was in the plans of Brendan Rodgers but Pepe Reina wasn’t.
Reina went on to join Bayern Munich where he still has not been able to make a competitive appearance for the German club as they already have Manuel Neuer as their first choice player in between the posts.
Unless Manuel Neuer picks up an injury or something happens to him, it does not seem like Pepe Reina will be appearing into the main team of Bayern Munich anytime soon. Pepe Reina is still considered to be a top world class goal-keeper but he has to settle with a place on the sidelines of Bayern Munich with his chances of appearing into the main team being extremely limited and rare.
Liverpool is struggling in the Premier League with the defensive department of the club turning into a recent subject of criticism; the absence of Pepe Reina at Anfield is still being felt by his former teammates and club.